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  Presidents Message  

Just to give a little history of myself and the club. I attended some of the meetings at the home of Cecil and Marina King in the late fall of 2002, that were the beginning to the club. I was asked to sit on the original steering committee that organized the first general meeting on January 19, 2003. Since that time I have sat on various committees and been elected as a director, and then vice-president and am currently president of the club. During this time, we have participated in a variety of shows, and recruited new members.

My interest in Ford collecting is primarily in English Fordsons, E27Ns and Majors. I have several early and later models of Ford tractors; this has also led to gathering a few lawn tractors as well. I use Ford tractors on my farm, to help justify my collection. I collect literature related to Ford and Fordson, some tools and wrenches for Ford. One of my other interests is in Ford toys, I have a small collection of them.

I would like to invite anyone interested in Ford, whether it be cars, trucks, tractors, toys, or other memorabilia to join our club as a member. We have a need for volunteers at shows, at the 1928 era Ford garage, Country Heritage Park, or within the club.

Sincerely, Henry Hendriks

Ford with skis
Ford Station
Ford car